Field Quality Control Testing: Operable Windows & Curtain Wall

Water Penetration Resistance Field Testing is being completed on schedule to confirm the success of installation of both operable windows and curtain wall elements in a newly constructed high school west of Orlando for a longtime client.

Multiple buildings have been tested over the course of the past couple of days.  Additional testing is scheduled soon as more samples become available.

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New Construction Field Quality Control Testing – Storefront Windows

Recon recently returned to a healthcare project to confirm that the repairs made to an opening successfully completed the building envelope in a watertight condition.

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A previous field test had identified a deficiency where flashing and exterior cladding interfaced above the head of a storefront window.

The testing was successful.

ASTM E 1105 Field Testing





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Medical Building Field Quality Control Testing

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Multi-Family Construction Field Quality Control Testing



Recon Independent Assessments

Recon Independent Assessments provides building envelope quality control examinations throughout the construction process to help monitor the details that could result in water intrusion if not completed correctly.  Our periodic visits provide a focused look at specific areas that may get overlooked by the project team due to the vast amount of activity that is ongoing.

These visits supplement window testing that is conducted on site.


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The singular focus of our visits (building envelope details) allows us to provide feedback to the Superintendent and Project Manager so that issues can be addressed in a timely manner.  Eliminating potential water intrusion issues during the construction process leads to a better building being delivered and that is always our goal.

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Construction Field Quality Control & Window Testing


Recon Independent Assessments

Recon Independent Assessments is a Central Florida based small business providing building envelope consulting that specializes in the exterior building envelope.  Our consultants are experienced specialists who work closely with clients to protect their interests and help provide cost-effective results in new construction and solutions for leaks in existing buildings. Our services include building envelope design review and specification review, investigation of building envelope failures, development of repair solutions, in field water infiltration testing, quality control services, and expert witness and litigation assistance.

Dry Building
Examination of Repairs Made to Composite Panels on Federal Facility

Field testing of newly installed glazing and window systems is typically performed according to the AAMA 502, AAMA 503, or ASTM E-1105 standards.

Construction Quality Control Testing
Field Quality Control Examination of Roof Membrane Terminations and Flashings on Medical Office

Recon believes field testing of installed fenestration and glazing during construction is critical to ensuring the building envelope is watertight. Proper quality control and associated field testing helps to ensure that building owners and occupants are delivered a sustainable environment and also helps to reduce maintenance costs over the life of the structure.

Storefront Testing
Testing Confirms Successful Install of Curtain Wall on Dormitory Project

Recon Independent Assessments is very flexible due to it’s size and is available to deploy to projects nationwide.

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