Recon Independent Assessments Investigates Water Intrusion

The recent tropical rains that swept across Florida has lead to the reporting of leaks in many buildings.  While some of the issues were straightforward and solutions were easily attained, there are times when a more thorough approach is required.

Recon is always ready to help & our longtime clients know it.

We’ve been busy tracking down the cause and origin of leaks for many of them using a combination of visual examinations, IR Thermography and diagnostic water testing.


Thermal Imaging Water Intrusion











If you need a little assistance finding those troublesome leaks, give Recon a call.


Recon Independent Assessments




We’re always ready to help find solutions to your water intrusion issues.

Recon Independent Assessments Has Taken Over Operations of FFT



Recon Independent Assessments




In an effort to streamline operations, Florida Field Testing has been absorbed by its parent company, Recon Independent Assessments.


Affordable Testing Agency
Field QC Testing via ASTM E 1105 on Multi-Family Project in Jacksonville, FL


The same high level of service will continue into the future.  Our experience in all aspects of Building Envelope Consulting will bring your Project Team the best information possible to ensure a quality product is delivered to your client.

Third Party Building Envelope Examination
Building Envelope QC Examination on New Municipal Facility in Central Florida.

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Recon Independent Assessments